Suit Guide 2018

 Suits To Buy 2018 Guide


Right so we’re nearly here. We’ve nearly finished the year and you’re looking in your wardrobe and you see your suits looking all old and used. You realise you’re in despserate need of a new suit/suits. Well fear not for we’ve complied this useful guide to help you with all your suiting needs.


The Navy Suit

This suit is arguably the most classic suit and will easily see you from you 9-5 job to a Wedding and everything in between. Especially with the classic details of a Notch Lapel and Two Buttons, slightly modernised with a slimfit and shorter jacket length. Add to that you can wear it with any combination of tie and shirt and you’re surely on to a winner.


PHOTO CREDIT: Hespoke Style






                             TM LEWIN – JACKET                                                                TM LEWIN – TROUSERS



The Grey Suit

The second most versatile suit is definitely a grey suit like the one pictured below. This one again will see you from your 9-5 job and at the end of day loose the tie, undo a few shirt buttons and seamless transition to drinks after work wear. Again opt for notch lapels and two buttons for maximum versatility. The one featured below features premium italian wool from the legendary Vitale Barberis Canonico Mill founded in 1663!


PHOTO CREDIT: Hespoke Style




                                 TM LEWIN – JACKET                                                      TM LEWIN – TROUSERS

Double Breasted Suit

A suit you get out when you need that extra bit of pizaz and really want to show off your satorial flair! Opt for a 6×2 for your first venture in to this style of suiting. This means that there are 6 buttons in total but you only fasten two.  For a Double Breasted suit opt for a solid colour such as the Charcoal Grey one pictured below a solid colour is always better as the Double Breasted Nature is already a statement enough!

PHOTO CREDIT: Hespoke Style

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